What I learned after I ruined my relationship with my London escort

I did not value the good relationship I had with my London escort, and I regret it now. She was the best girl I have ever meet. I booked her a couple of months ago, and I did not anticipate that she would fall in love with me. I booked her a couple of times because she was my favorite among the girls. She is lovely and kind. Her name is Jenna. Jenna and I spent a couple of nights together, although I like Jenna very much. I did not take good care of her.

I often make for granted her efforts to spend time with me, and I do not respond to any of her text. I already have a feeling that this London escort was in love with me, but I still did not appreciate her. Although I also like her. I was busy working all the time. I am also seeing other girls from work behind her back because I knew she would not like the idea of me spending time with other girls. Jenna was always protective of me, and I do not want to deal with it, so I did not tell her about any girls that I am seeing. Although she and I are not a couple yet, we keep on communicating every time like a couple. I told her constant lies about where am I going or where I have been.

What I did not know was she was beginning to get frustrated at me. She knew that I was only lying to her and Jenna do not want to deal stupid anymore, so she stopped her communication from me. I was anxious when she did that because I did not know what happened to her. I was afraid that something terrible might have happened to her that I was wrong she was just tired of my lies. She does not answer any of my calls and does not reply to any of my messages.

I was desperate to get in contact with her so I tried to book Jenna even though I knew it would disrespect her but she refused. She did not come to me. After a week of her not communicating with me, my life was a complete mess. I regret lying to her; I was very confident that she would not leave me, so I took her for granted. But when I realized Jenna`s worth to me, I was too late. She had already moved on with her life.

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