There are some new girls in town – Charlton escorts

A couple of the leading Charlton escorts agencies have just recruited some hot new Charlton escorts from It is always nice when new girls arrive in the business, and I am pleased to notice that they are both English. Charlton escorts agencies have had a hard time recruiting girls recently. They have been trying to find some more English girls to work as Charlton escorts, but it is has been a long road.

Many English girls do not want to go into the escorts business, and many of the local girls do not wish to be Charlton escorts. It is a real shame as Charlton escorts do well and bring in some great business.


A good friend of the London escorts Guide, Nick, likes to date and meet new escorts. He came into the office the other day, and we made arrangements for him to date both recruits. He phoned us up a couple of days later and said that he was pleasantly surprised.


Anna is a real hot blonde from Newcastle, and she has the cutest accent in the world. She immediately turned me on as she speaks with a lisp and wears glasses. These two small little things are enough to send me wild with passion, but you wait for the rest. She is quite tall and has natural breasts over which she lets her golden blonde locks fall. Anna is a real treat to be with, and you can tell that she enjoys her calling. We spent the first ten minutes of our date just chatting. I could immediately tell that she had a lot of experience as she very discreetly got out of my wildest dreams and passions. Anna is easy to get on with, and she is a real little giggle. She loves to tease and please. We spent a delicious hour together, and we enjoyed ourselves together. She treated me to an extraordinary dance, and being with her was a very relaxing experience. Would I date to Anna again? You bet I would.


Tina is the other girl that I have joined. She is from Devon, so she is almost from the other side of the country. Like Anna, amiable, and once again, it is nice to speak to someone from your own country. She has a friendly smile world, and it is nice to talk. I soon discovered that we shared a sense of humor and that we did have a lot in common. Tina is not blonde, she is a hot brunette, and she sounds smart to me. I did discover that she has a passion for the finer things in life, and we shared a nice glass of champagne. I have to be honest and say that Tina seems to have a bit of a kinky streak running through her, and you can tell that she can’t explore new boundaries together with you. Would I see her again? Yes, of course, I would.

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