Mature Skin – What is the problem?

Have you noticed that your skin starts to change as you get older? It is even worse when you live in London. The problem with London is that you have to deal with the high pollution levels. I walk into work at London escorts to keep fit, and in recent years, I have noticed that my skin has changed a lot. Of course, I am a little bit older as well, and I don’t think that has helped.

The first thing I noticed was the laughter lines around my eyes. They were all of a sudden there when I was laughing as well, and I became really concerned. It turns out as you get older, your skin’s collagen production slows down, and this reduces the elasticity in your skin. In other words, your skin does not spring back into shape that quickly. You really need to replace that, and I spent a lot of time on finding the right eye cream. In the end I found a lovely eye cream from Elizabeth Arden that seemed to do the trick. And I recommend the cream to all of the girls at London escorts

What about the skin on your neck? More or less the same thing happens there, but at the same time, some of the muscles start to slack. That can be a lot more difficult problem to deal with. You can have enhancement surgery, but I am not sure that is the best thing. One of the girls here at London escorts go for regular treatment using a special face care system, and it has done wonders for her skin. She looks great and I am going to try the same thing.

How about your feet? Are you finding that the skin on your feet is going drier and perhaps a little bit thicker. I know that this could be down to wearing stilettos for London escorts for a long time, but it is also thought that as micro circulation is reduced when you get older, you will get thicker skin on your feet. I have started to go for regular foot care treatments, and I have also invested in a top notch spa for my feet. It has made a huge difference, and now they look a lot better. More than anything, they feel better as well, and I am now happy in high heels again.

Getting older is certainly changing for all women, and even the girls here at London escorts find it a challenge. It is all about looking after your skin by eating the right foods, and finding the skincare products which are right for you. Sometimes that is easier said than done, and you may have to go through a couple of different brands to find the right skin care product. All in all, try to focus on natural products and make sure that you don’t buy anything which will dry out your skin. Many products contain alcohol, and that is a big no-no for dry skin.

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