I regretted that i cheated my girlfriend- London escort

Having a loving girlfriend that loves you for real is one of the beautiful things that i should have been thankful for. I consider myself for having a woman like my girlfriend who’s been there for me to love me, care for me and make me believe in love. I am glad that i am able to have spent time with someone like a London escort from https://charlotteaction.org/; at least we spend a quiet time together. This person is someone that i am proud to have in my life. She give up everything for me, she abandoned her family and friends for my sake. This girl really loves me hard, but what i changed for it was really bad. I made a mistake for making a woman cry, making her wait during meals, for keeping her awake just to wait for me and so on. I have done lots of things that make her really depressed. At the first part of our relationship, it was great and full of happy times. But sometimes, men are not contented for one woman. We always find someone to taste, and have fun too. I took everything for granted. London escort is the one who cleans the house, do the laundry, and everything. but no matter how tired she is i never heard her complain. I always see her smiling serving at me. She cooked my favourite food and sometimes, i can’t join her during dinner because i was out with friends. We have many fights that we encountered together, and mostly it is because of me. I was wrong about what ive done. I beat her many times because she keeps over reacting but she still stays with me. Many times i made her cry but she still there when i get home. She is still there to clean me up when i drunk too much. London escort is the girlfriend every man could ever dream of. One time, i never thought that she would know that I’m having an affair with her best friend. She saw us making out in her best friend house; she came there without notice that is why we were shock of her coming. I tried to explain to her but this time her mind is fixed and leave me totally. And since that time, i never had any news from her. We stop communicating and her family never talk to me again. One day, i was visiting to London; i never knew that she stays in London for good. I was there for an event, i saw her to be one of the successful woman in town. She looks even prettier now, and bloom to be a great lady. She now works as a London escort, and she got lots of followers. Many people idolize her and she deserved it. As much as i want to face her, i have no guts after all. I am still embarrassed and regretted the time that i loss because of my mistake. I am so stupid for cheating a London escort.

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