I never thought of a woman before

For me, it was just a distraction to my career and so my education. I got my family stalking me, and so who will be my girlfriend. We belong to a high class; we are a wealthy family living here in New York. Well, life is good and comfortable, you have unlimited foods and can buy everything. My parents gave everything I asked, she gave me all my needs and wanted, according to Tottenham Court Road escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/tottenham-court-road-escorts. But maybe they have a hidden agenda, for me to handle the business too soon. All my siblings went arranged marriage because it is the tradition in the family, and I am afraid I could be the next. Our family wants to maintain our name, and its position. When I was a kid, I saw the frustrations of my siblings, I know they don’t want the life they have, they are manipulated and control all their life. My parents always made rules for us and it’s hard. Everything they want to say should be followed. I saw my siblings punish, and hear their cries, and screams. My dad let them hungry for days and grounded for months. We are all scared by him, and he always does what on his mind. He can fake his moods in front of people; he treats as well when people are looking. People appreciate him, and it is his fulfillment. I know my mom wants to defend us, but she cants because my dad also slaves her. My dad treats us like his employees, and he is very strict in everything. We don’t experience family bonding, as he said time is precious and should not be wasted on unnecessary things. I know I was the next one, I am the youngest, and my life starts to become miserable. I have been told by my siblings to go away when I still have time, and they will secretly help me to have my life. I give a chance to my dad; my last option is if he forces me to marry someone, I will slip away. And then he did it to me, and we have war. I disobey him, and he is frustrated with me, he stops funding my bank accounts, and blocked it all. And so he wants me to leave the house, without any centavo in my pocket and so I did. My siblings help me, to finish college. Years passed I graduated college and went to Tottenham Court Road, a place in London. I began my life there and booked a Tottenham Court Road escort. She is beautiful, and just an amazing woman. Aside from that, she is also intelligent.

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