I am always looking forward to having my own business and manages it.




I am so inspired with people who came down, or poor ones and had able to raise themselves out of miserable life. Well, I am proud of the man I am now. It may not be an easy journey for me at least I am pleased that I come to this point in life. I am happy that I had able to go beyond in my life and did not expect that I could reach this far. Maybe because of having faith in myself, and not be carried away with the storm of life. For me, being positive is a big thing for me, if your thoughts are good. Perhaps you will go through your life inspired and motivated.

I promise myself that no matter how hard my life, I will never surrender with my dreams. After my father’s death, I stand as a father to our family and never abandon them. I am also grateful for having an understanding mom and supportive. Because of my family, I woke up every day with a smile on my face. I still can remember how loving and happy our family is, and I don’t want my father to worry in heaven. He is a good provider of the family; he is always there for mom. I am proud of his dedication to us; even there are days his tuberculosis attack, he will not get rest and continue to work. He doesn’t want mom to do all the work, and that’s how he loves mom. My father always finds time to play with us; the very touching is, he still saves money for our favorite toys before. He ever asked what we want during, and he starts to save money for that. Even we are difficult in life, they never lack of making us happy, and sometimes they surprise us. Those little moments marked my heart forever, and can’t forget his last words. He told me that no matter what happened we should not give up on our dreams and not abandon the family.

Even there are days of my life I want to give up; I realize that there are many people who suffer more than I experience now. I should have been thankful for having a family, and they are enough for me. Years passed, the long wait is over. I finally graduate from college and start to work right away. I get promoted quickly and later on build my own business.

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