How do you feel about erotic models?

Erotic modelling seems to be more and more popular with the girls who for Edgware escorts. I can understand that the girls earn extra money from erotic modelling, but I do have a few concerns about it. As more erotic magazines are available online than ever before, I really do think you need to think twice about before dating girls from Edgware escorts services. I know that may sound a bit funny, but when you are an international business man like me, do you really want to be caught out with a girl who may be an erotic model.

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Many of the girls at Edgware escorts like to point out that they are erotic models. They do because a lot of gents really get turned on by dating girls who claim that they are erotic models. I can understand that but spare a thought for the rest of us. Not all gents are so keen to date erotic models and gents like myself, would prefer not to date erotic models at all. In fact, I have said no to a couple of girls who I know focus a lot on their erotic modelling careers.

I am a little bit surprised that the owner of Edgware escorts allows his girls to do the amount of erotic modelling work that they do. He probably things that it is really good for the agency, but I have tried to explain to him that I rely on discretion when I date escorts. It is no good for me at all to be seen out with a girl who may be found on the pages of an online magazine. That could give me a bad name and it could also cause a lot of trouble for my business.

If you want to work as an erotic model, I think that you should maybe give your escorts career. I know that it is hard for the girls. It costs a fortune to live in London and it is not easy to manage at all. A lot of Londoners have second jobs today and many of them still struggle. I totally understand why so many of the girls would like to have an extra income opportunity and that is not the issue at all.

When I arrange date with Edgware escorts these days, I go through each profile and make sure that the girl that I want to do date is not an erotic model as well. It takes me ages to arrange a date, and sometimes I wonder if I would be better of using another escort agency. Out of all of the London escort services which are available, Edgware escort service is the one closest to me. It makes it really convenient for me to use it, and I do like the girls. It seems a shame that so many of them feel that they need to be erotic models. For me at least, it kind of puts a damper on things and I am not sure what to do in the future.

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