Exciting Sex

I am not so different from the other girls who work for our companion company. It would be fair to say like many other ladies, I like my fair share of exciting sex. If you feel the same way, it is important to make sure that you stay safe. Some people who are into what I call exciting sex lose all control and forget to take precautions when it comes to having safe sex. And to be fair, there are rather a few things that you need to bear in mind when it comes to safe sex.

Swinging is something a large number of London escorts are into. In recent years, the London Swingers community seem to have opened up much more and many London escorts have joined the Swinging scene. When I first started going to Swingers parties in and around London, I was a bit surprised at the attitude of people. My fellow Swingers were certainly not as cautious as they should have been. Fortunately, a lot of that has changed now, and most Swingers are very careful.

For instance, it is very important not to share your sex toys. If you do feel that you want to share the pleasure of your vibrator, you should use a condom as well. It is the sort of thing a girl from London escorts may think about but others may forget. I am not going to say that us London escorts have taught our fellow Swingers a thing or two, but I think that we may have done so. Sex toys can pass on STI and other infections such as thrush. You really should be careful.

Sex parties in London is the latest “in” here in the capital. No matter what your sexual orientation is, you are bound to find the right sex party for you. Some of the most exclusive sex parties in London are massively oversubscribed and it can be hard to join the sex party scene in London. Once again, you should be careful. Never have sex without protection, and don’t drink too much alcohol. Losing all of your inhibitions may not be such a good thing. Do London escorts go to sex parties? I have been to a couple and I have enjoyed them.

What about finding sex partners on London’s many sex forums? If you have a particular taste when it comes to sex, you may just want to join one of the many London based sex forums. Do all of the people on these forums practice safe sex? As a matter of fact, man members try to “ get away” without having safe sex. They will actually say so in the strings on the forums. You should not go for that sort of thing. I know that all of my colleagues at London escorts are very careful. If you are looking for a new partner on one of these forums, I would urge you to use caution. Meet them somewhere neutral the first time, and tell that you always use protection.

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