Do you know someone who just disappears the minute they get into a relationship?

Some scientists actually believe that there might be a black hole that sucks people inand prevents them from contacting their friends.True story. Is there a way to avoid this,I mean can you successfully balance time between your friends and your girlfriend. If you can’tyou have no one to blame but yourself. The way it usually works with friends is that they randomly contact you out of the blue to do stuff. With them, things aren’t always so structured so it’s easy to hop in and hop out whenever you want. However when you’rein a relationship, certain things are expected like seeing your girlfriend on the weekend according to London Escorts.

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I can’t think of anyone that’s happy in a relationship that can completely ignore their partner for three days. But what seems to happen is that your friends and your girlfriend assume you could just drop everything you’redoing just to see them. So one of the best ways to keep everyone happy is to schedule your time properly. If it’s watching a movie with the girl or playing video games with the guys schedule it on your calendar. Not only does it help keep your plans organized but it lets everyone see that you are busy and that they just have to be understanding of that. Sometimes though there are special days that come before anything else. For example,don’t let your friends make you feel guilty for missing out on that epic road trip because you decided to spend your anniversary with your girlfriend. Also do not become whipped.

Sometimes girlfriends will play with yourminds and make you think that time spent awayfrom her means that you don’t care about her.It’s ok, she can survive sometimes on herown. The key to balance is to be open andhonest with everyone. Let them know what youhave planned and what’s important to you according to London Escorts.

Sometimes guys don’t want to bring their girlfriends around their friends because they feel like when they have them together they can’t be themselves with either of them. This doesn’t have to be the case though, you can easily integrate your girlfriend and your friends by making her your friends wing girl.

Bring your girlfriend when you go out because she can A, help balance out the vagina to penis ratio and B, she can open up sets for your friends. In fact she’s the perfect person to have there because you have someone to take home and you’re helping your friends get laid. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking your girlfriend is one of the guys.And finally, whoever you’re hanging out with.Make sure that that time is about them. Don’t make plans to hang out with your guy friends only to spend the entire night talking to your girlfriend. And don’t sit down for dinner with your girlfriend to constantly check your phone to see the epic texts that your friends sent you. Be fair to everyone because no one is gonna want to be around you if your attentions always diverted somewhere else. And I’m sure the last thing you want is to have no friends and be forced to masturbate every night before you go to sleep.


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