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Have you ever wondered why the guy keeps looking after you but doesn’t admit he loves you? Most women doubt men on their gestures towards them, as we all know women are quick to fall in love mainly if being treated well? Women hard to distinguish if a man loves them or not? For some, they were afraid to assume or asked them frankly according to West Kensington Escorts from To tell you honestly, I have been there and while writing this article besides me was my husband who has been coward to admit the truth. Well, know your man’s true feelings towards you by these seven ways to know he loves you even if he doesn’t confess!

If a man likes you, he will ask your digits in many ways. To get not too noticeable, he gets it through reason so that you don’t think he likes you. He never fails to send you greetings like Good morning and Goodnight, and when you respond, you don’t get a reply. He always sends you positive quotes every day to make your day right. You have exchange messages but not too long. He makes sure you are okay, and that’s all.

A person that likes you will always be there for you. He can be everything like your food buddy, travel buddy, party buddy, etc. He doesn’t want you to go along with others, and he makes sure to be there all the time. He never fails to attend all your engagements. He loves to spend time with you but talk less. It is his way of loving but not identified according to West Kensington Escorts.

Real man’s love sees how much he respects you. He doesn’t want to exploit your weakness like if you were too drunk and you have slept together, he makes sure you sleep comfortably. He will never do anything harmful to you because that was a right man supposed to be.

If the person like you most of the time he was silent. He was observing every detail of you and put it in mind. People who love you silently are mostly secretive. He didn’t want to express their feelings right away but took them too long because of their observing skills.

Don’t get me wrong about being helpful, and if the guy takes risks to help you even that is impossible to do means he loves you. No one in this world will offer some help if he does not like the person, mainly if it was something significant to do. If he knows how to sacrifice for your good, then he loves you.


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