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What else can you do after you have decided to end your porn star career? I was thinking about this the other day as I read newspaper articles about former porn stars. The porn movie industry in the US is in crisis now, and many celebrities are retiring from the business. British escorts used to be very popular as porn stars in the United States, but now many are coming back to the UK. Most of the ladies are still very young, and some go back into the escort’s services business.

Wandsworth Escorts

If you are fortunate, you could end up dating former porn stars when you arrange dates with Wandsworth escorts from Many of the girls who have recently joined the ranks of Wandsworth escorts are former British born porn stars that have worked in the United States for a few years. Setting up as escorts in the UK is a way for many porn stars to enjoy retirement. The great thing is that this works both ways. Gents get an opportunity to date real porn stars, and former porn stars can take advantage of their experience.

What else can a girl do?

Not all former porn stars would like to become Wandsworth escorts, so many of them set up their own production companies and start making their movies. After all, these are the ladies who know a lot about the industry, and perhaps they will even give the modern-day porn industry a bit of a life. Sometimes what is needed is a different attitude or outlook. Things change all the time, and this applies to the porn industry as well.

Retired Porn Stars

Okay, apart from becoming Wandsworth escorts and porn movie directors, what else can retired porn stars do? I was chatting to a group of Wandsworth escorts the other day, and they said that they had heard that some former porn stars had started their lingerie lines. Now, that I think is an excellent idea as many ladies lingerie need a bit of a redesign.

A couple of Wandsworth escorts said they had noticed some of the girls had opened their shops in Wandsworth. I think that is a fun idea, and I will make sure that the Better Sex Guide goes off to investigate the matter as soon as possible.

Well, there are many exciting things for former porn stars to get into, and of course, that includes re-inventing themselves as Wandsworth escorts. I would love to hear from some former porn star how they managed to reach a new career choice and enjoy their new careers. It must be a huge change – one minute, you are porn stars, and the next minute you are back working as Wandsworth escorts. That is what I call a complete change of direction.

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